Supporting traditional farming

Heat waves, floods and droughts - climate change is making farming less and less predictable. Our systems allow you to diversify existing farm revenues and make use of otherwise disused spaces such as old agricultural buildings and barns. They provide a year-round, dependable revenue stream - no matter what the weather’s doing outside.


Benefits for you

  • No hungry gap! Indoor farming provides reliable year-round harvests, 365 days a year whatever the weather.

  • Our systems use 95% less water and fertiliser than traditional field-based agriculture and 30% less than hydroponics

  • Controlled environment agriculture eliminates the need for chemical pesticides - reducing costs to you and the planet

  • Turn otherwise wasted space into a reliable income stream.


Products and services we recommend:

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Aeroponic hardware

Single & multiple layer



Farm management software


Stacked cultivation

Starting from 24m² up to 96m²